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Putting all your best memories together in one place

There are however various functionalities for creating a picture album. You are now given a modern, creative independence with social book. Create your own professional quality albums printed on carefully selected paper in the online format. We provide you with more than a service, the tools of a real creative hobby on our site. For this reason, we felt it appropriate to assist you with some professional advice. Our team is pleased to share their know-how with you. With this extra spirit, which is the product of a production process well known to artists, it's now possible for you to make a print.

When is there a picture album to make?

Ask yourself why make a custom picture album before you collect your images, target your needs before you click on www.mysocialbook.com.We were shocked to hear that often our customers are very creative. Thanks to the technological revolution, we encourage you to explore the subjects of conventional and important books, as well as the modern possibilities open to you. It's changed how we interact, how we remember events, how we keep the past in mind. Small clarification: Publishing professionals find in the digital age that most people remain attached to the object of the book. It also takes on an increased symbolic importance among new generations because it is simple to use the electronically useful media. The book is really a gem. It is now a question of highlighting the best images of all those that are often stored in computers and phones in an inappropriate and disorderly way. The photo book is the true and permanent medium of a moment of mutual joy and the albums are often distributed to a group of people in many paper copies.

How to give your publications an even more original feel?

You can of course scan and upload your own sketches, watercolors, paintings in addition to your personal images, without ignoring the works made by children and adolescents. Many photos can also be downloaded: illustration pages, art pieces, games and jigsaw puzzles ... But beware; you have to ensure that copyright is respected to reproduce them on paper. A priori, you can only select rights-free images. This personalized touch allows all the richness of the souvenir or gift on glossy paper you’re about to create. We think an imaginative sleep in everyone and making their own customized album using images allows business to be combined with pleasure. We hope our advice lets you reveal yourself!