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what qualifies a good php developper?

Today, there are more and more people who pretend to be PHP developers. Indeed, with the passion for internet jobs, employer really ask for PHP programmers profiles. But to found out good programmers, recruiters rely on several qualities. What are these qualities that a php developers must have?

Technical qualities to be an excellent programmer

One of the qualities that a developer must have is probably logic on top of having a good command of PHP. Indeed, any PHP programmer must have a logical spirit in order to propose adapted solutions. The implementation of algorithms therefore requires a lot of logic.

Moreover, it must also possess a good spirit of analysis and synthesis. The spirit of analysis allows to anticipate the future functionalities of the application to be set up. Among other things, it highlights the different facets of the future program.

In addition, a good developer must be passionate. Passion is often associated with the technical mastery of one or more programming languages. But in a constantly evolving world, it is crucial for the developer to organize an IT monitoring. It makes it possible to be up to date about new version and technologies.

Social and human qualities for a good developer

Often called to work in a company, PHP developers must have human qualities such as team spirit. Indeed, although it produces code of quality and superb applications, if associated, the developer risks creating a bad atmosphere within the company. This team spirit makes it possible to share its opinion with the others team’s members.

Otherwise, a PHP programmer must be able to work under pressure. The job requirement demand to have a mind of solid steel. Thus, he must be persistent, rigorous and open-minded in order to continue learning, because a developer learns every day. Nowadays, companies also need self-educated and independent developers. They are employees able to set up a surveillance or a scientific monitoring.