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The difference inbetween a Php developer and a magneto developer

You're sure to get stuck here, whether to employ a PHP developer or a magento developer, when you decide to publicize your company online, and start gathering understanding of it. Knowledge of a few of the following parameters helps you to understand your mind:

The length of moment required to complete a job

Firstly, a PHP developer has to spend more time working because of the complexity of the process. But Magento's easy structure enables a Magento engineer to finish the job in a brief period of time.

Efforts must be made after the assignment has been completed

Once the assignment is finished, a PHP developer works too. The job of a Magento developer builds on a company point of view so even after the task of dealing with traffic requirements is completed.

Management of the database

The designers in ordinary PHP must generate their own database structures and alter the structures according to requirements. PHP designers may not be able to process database queries. Default table structures exist in Magento. These buildings have to be followed by designers, making things simpler. Magento designers also understand very well how to manage database queries in a special way to prevent delayed mistakes.

Knowledge of Payment Gateway

A PHP developer does not need to know about payment gateways, whereas a Magento developer requires a thorough understanding of payment gateways.

Gateway Method of Payment

As built-in modules are unavailable, PHP developers must incorporate the gateways while Magento has built-in modules available.

Website types

Only static websites, where SEO occupies the rear seat, are handled. Dedicated developers of Magento can manage more specific dynamic websites and make them more SEO-friendly.


PHP developers need to create their own codes, since the coding structure in Magento is previously supplied.

It is the evident reluctance of these authors and bloggers to draw a line and explain the distinctions between a PHP developer and a devoted magneto developer to their readers. Only this clear demarcation will assist individuals in a given scenario to understand if they are going to serve a PHP developer or a devoted Magento developer.