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Object-oriented programming

The creation of websites is an important step for any companies that respect themselves. Indeed, the scale of the virtual world is such that it is impossible to underestimate it. In this context, creating a website in order to interact with all connected people has to be done neatly. Of course, when talking about quality, we will put forward effective tools to create websites. PHP is one of the most widely used tools in this field. Its many advantages and the fact that it is oriented object explain perfectly this fact.

Understand php first

Before you can claim good php website development, you will have to understand the basics of this tool. In this context, it is necessary to know that php is a language of scripts both open source and generalist intended for the development of web applications. With PHP integration with HTML will be even easier. Clearly, it will no longer be necessary to use many commands to display HTML since PHP pages already contain fragments of HTML. Also, PHP is a server side language unlike languages ​​of the same ilk like Javascript. Its code will therefore run on a server in order to generate HTML. The result will then be sent directly to the clients without them having access to the source codes. By configuring the server specifically, static pages and dynamic pages can be confused perfectly.

An object-oriented tool

Regarding object-oriented programming (OOP), it has a rather broad definition. With the OOP, programs are made up of a set of independent code blocks called objects. Each object has its own waiting loop. Depending on a specific event, the impacted object will then intervene in an equally specific way. Like php, object-oriented languages ​​use technical terms that make their apprehension easier. In this sense, we have class, object as well as properties and methods and factory. It is from these terms that development will occur. It should be noted that these terms have been specially designed to facilitate the use of the tool for results that are all the more effective.