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Koddos protection, hosting and dedicated servers

Nowadays, it seems tricky to manage a business without website. Everything happens on the web from now on, and the e-shopping websites abound on the internet. And to distinguish yourself from the competition, you absolutely have to maintain a perfect service quality. That especially means choosing a good web server. Indeed, your website is completely unable to run without any server to host it.

How to host your website ?

To enable your website to fun continuously, you have to find a server to host it. The server receives all the requests made by the users, and returns the page they asked for. The server is essential to enable your website to function. That is why you absolutely have to choose is carefully. There are many kinds of servers. The shared server hosts several websites. So it is more for the website which generate a low traffic, because the server has to share its own resources between all the websites it hosts. That means a service slowlier than a dedicated server. The advantage of this kind of server is properly a single hosting. So all its resources are dedicated to your website, that ensure a more quickly display.

Why choose an offshore server ?

More and more people choose an offshore server for their website. This solution offers some advantages, especially the privacy for all the datum the server centralizes. They are not revealed to anyone, this way your website remains out of range of potential hackers. An offshore server also enables the people who live in a country affected by censorship to manage their activity out of the local authorities control. Indeed, the administration is not allowed to access to your informations cause the server remains anonymous. There are societies specialized in the offshore hosting. For any further information, do not hesitate to visit the following website : https://koddos.net/