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Companies who provide top level Php development

Recruiting a developer or “dev” for insiders may be a real challenge for companies and CTOs. Attracting the simplest profiles isn't easy, web developers are often considered the "kings of the French job market".

Precisely define your need

Before increasing the amount of job advertisements to recruit a Java, C #, C ++, front-end, back-end, or maybe fullstack developer ... Ask yourself this question: what technical skills will I be looking for? I would wish to use a back-end coder to develop all the “server” a part of the online applications? The latter will master languages like PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, etc


No got to introduce your company or yourself at the beginning of the message. For a real developer, it is the mission that comes first. Tell him about your project, the technologies he will use, your clients, his work environment, the framework during which he will operate, etc. If he likes the mission php development, he will revisit to you to seek out more.

take care OF MASS-MAILING!

There are a mess of tools and bots on Linkedin to send astronomical amounts of more or less personalized messages. Remember that the event of IT tools is that the lifestyle of devs. So you'll pass for a spammer, and developers hate that ... you want to FLAT HIS EGO!Take the time to review your Linkedin profile, portfolio, various professional experiences, etc. Send them a singular and ultra-personalized message to enhance your open rate and boost the click-through rate in your message.


How could joining your structure make the new recruit evolve? this is often the question you would like to ask yourself. New technologies to use, a lead dev or CTO position during a rising young startup, a piece environment and more interesting benefits than in his current company?

In short, to recruit a "good" developer expect an obstacle course, but, if you define your needs well and write a transparent and precise job offer for developers, there's little question that you simply will find what you're looking for!